Introducing the Oasis i Leprotti

The Oasis i Leprotti is located in Abbiatgerasso, Italy, in the heart of the Ticino’s Natural Park. Surrounded by greenery, small rivers and lakes, the place is perfect for excursions and sports. The Oasis is only 30 km far from Milan, pretty close to Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa Airports.

i Leprotti is a real polifunctional center, grown around the beautiful holiday farm, born with the renovation of the ancient farm in 2007 and now provided with twelve comfortable double rooms, offering a bed and breakfast service in a charming atmosphere. In the same building a small and exclusive wellness center is available for guests looking for a complete relax or any beauty treatments that can make a holiday really special.

The farmhouse i Leprotti is perfect for romantic and family holidays, but also for business stays because of the proximity to working centers and the tranquility of the place.

Moreover, thanks to its open spaces and beautiful reception rooms, i Leprotti is often chosen as location for various events, from private parties to weddings and business meetings.

The Oasis i Leprotti also organizes educational activities for children, showing them the beauty of the contact with nature and animals and teaching them the culture of preservation and sustainability.

Al these activities are led by professional educators and are dedicated to schools, families and associations. There also are special pet-therapy courses for people with disabilities like onotherapy courses, with donkeys.

Another side of the Oasis i Leprotti is the cutting-edge eliclub ENAC compliant, able to offer leisure and business tours by helicopter, for exclusive toruristic flights over the main cultural and natural places in Lombardy and rapid connections. There is also a heliport for pilots in search for a facility or a shelter for their vehicle.

The Oasis i Leprotti is very active in the production and pomotion of sustainable energy thanks to its innovative central. Through a fair management of the surrounding forests and the wooden wraps’ collection, i Leprotti produces hig-quality pellet 100% made in Italy, directly sold in the shop. All the sources employed to produce the pellet are renewable: solar, photovoltaic, spring water, rapeseed oil.

Finally, the Oasis i Leprotti is partner in several activities for wildelife preservation and local heritage promotion: the Province of Milan, the Abbiategrasso Municipality, The Forestry Consortium of the Ticino’s Park and various associations like GRAIA Srl for fish restocking. With them, we have been working at interesting proposals for Milan Expo 2015.

Well, we offer a lot and we do it in our way: respecting and enhancing the wonderful territory we have the fortune, but also the responibility, to live in.

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