Come and find i Leprotti Christmas Baskets, fully customizable with delicious Italian typical products.

Awesome as Christmas Gifts!

cesti natalizi agriturismo i leprotti


A small oasis of taste in the Oasis i Leprotti is our shop, full of high quality typical Italian products. Most of these traditional farm-made products have been recognized with the Ticino’s Park Consortium‘s trademark.

We offer short production chain rural foods: organic pasta and rice, various salami, mustards and wild game sauces (venison, roe deer, boar). Then “granny cakes”, chocolate artifacts, organic honey, jams of particular tastes and a curated selection of teas and infusions.

Then, our selection of Italian wines and craft beers.

For Christmas, we offer also the possibility to buy single bags of our home-made pellet, to warm up your winter.

We are open to expand our high quality products selection. If you are an interested farm producer, please contact us.

Visit our shop to get the taste of Italy!

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